Full Name
Matthew Stathis
Job Title
Solutions Manager
CEM Business Solutions
Speaker Bio
Matt Stathis is the Digital Solutions Manager at CEM Business Solutions in Montvale, NJ. He has over 20 years’ experience in government relations, media, education and marketing. Beginning his career in lobbying and campaign management while speaking to groups both large and small about how government works and how people can get involved in the process.

He has used his various platforms to educate groups both large and small in a variety of forums up to and including college classrooms as a professor of American government and the electoral process. Matt has degrees in politics and management and brings a student’s mindset to any situation he finds himself. He has spent time in any professional position mentoring and helping people work at their highest level.

Matt joined CEM Business Solutions in 2019 and he enjoys time outdoors with his family and friends.
Matthew Stathis